Sunday, 19 April 2015

About Me

Taught myself BASIC at age 12 on a Commodore PET, at 14 I was writing computer games using 6502 Assembler on an Atari 400 (that was much fun, alas nothing published).

Worked commercially in compilers, O/S drivers, real time control systems, distributed databases as well as telecoms. Worked for 3 years in Japan …. Gomenasai, my Japanese is very rusty and poor …. I blame my wife as every time I spoke Japanese to her she replied in English !

Worked in Investment Banking since 1997 at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, UBS and others. Managed, designed and built various large trading frameworks including Hotrod and SubMicroTrading (written solely by me from scratch with no third party runtime libs other than hwloc).

Specialist in ultra low latency and trading systems.

Regret is being lousy at marketting and never using SubMicroTrading commercially.

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